Craniosacral Biodinamics

hands-on sessions


This non-invasive form of treatment is essentially a being-to-being communication where the patient is safe to express any form of release.

Through the subtle palpation of my hands, the patient enters a deep state of quiet stillness where the story of the whole system can express itself. While the body is adjusting to this gentle way of being seen, the process of unwinding, relaxing and deep release takes place. 

To be held in such a way is a wonderful moment unfolding breath by breath. For many, being held in this simple, yet intentional way is a similar feeling to be held by a mother: comforting, nurturing and nourishing. In this state, all tension is free to release from the connective tissue, muscles and bones (which are the primary places we hold stress, trauma and dis-ease).

The healing power of allowing the natural unfolding of the patients inherent timing is greatly underestimated in our lives. Our modern lifestyle asks us to solve problems, achieve immediate results, hand our sovereignty over.
What if we allowed the Intelligence of our bodies to teach us how to trust, to sense more and feel what is there in the moment?

This work is SLOW, yet the long-term results accelerate the holistic well-being of the our body-mind-spirit continuum.



“The most beautiful experience! Loren has a true gift on many levels. She is a kind, bright human being with a sensitive and wonderful soul. Thanks Loren, you channel magic!”

– Astrid van Zon, Therapist, Teacher, Holistic Coach






What are the short/longterm results?

This subtle and gentle work may facilitate the healing of the following:

  • circulation of the body
  • nervous system
  • immune function
  • hormonal balance
  • physical-mental-emotional-energetical balance
  • digestion
  • past events/traumas
  • birth processes
  • psychological issues
  • physical body alignment
  • lifestyle changes / spiritual practice / personal growth


What brings people to the sessions?

  • Physical and psychological misalignment
  • Chronic pain
  • Stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia
  • PTSD
  • Hyper/hypoactive nervous system
  • Tension in the jaw and face
  • Difficult or traumatic births
  • Conception, pregnancy, postpartum
  • Recovery from illness or surgery
  • Digestive issues
  • Support in lifestyle difficulties and changes

Craniosacral Biodinamics and other methods used in my healing practice aren’t intended as primary healthcare nor to diagnose but to work alongside the relationship you have with your doctor.

This treatment is suitable for anyone from in-uterus state through childhood, adulthood and elderly.
As a birth worker I wholeheartedly recommend the treatment during and before pregnancy as well as in postpartum times.

*If you are specifically looking for support during these times, please contact me for details about holistic doula care (my work with mothers includes: hands-on work with the fascia and energetics of the mothers and baby’s body, HolisticPelvicCare, rituals to support rites of passages with traditional tools, support before and during birth, as well as during postpartum healing time).


Healing with Dolphins

I have a very deep and loving connection with Dolphins and Whales who never seize to inspire my work, life and perspective. Their message is simple: bring more people into the state of joy through playfulness. I had the fortunate opportunity to swam alongside with them in their natural habitat and learn their ways of healing, communicating, playing and caring for each other. Some of the “methods” they taught me, are holographic mapping, “tel-empathy”, and the healing power of the *Triple P* rule (POWER, PLAYFULNESS, PLEASURE).

By tapping into their frequency, we can experience heightened states of emotional release, physical realignment, energetic “shower” of the Breath of Life. Their wisdom connects us with our intuition, our dream world, deep inspiration, sexuality and immortality.


“Dolphins vibrate love. Love is also the essence of our soul, and it manifests as our cellular matter”

—Joan Ocean


Having them “by my side” during the sessions accelerates the connection and the healing processes with the client. The vibration they create around the Earth brings great changes on many levels.

One who is not familiar with this experience might see great shifts and changes in his/her life after the sessions!


Dive in


I can feel the effect of the session all day and during few days after. Really appreciate the presence and softness of Loren. My body cracked few times, readjust through the gentle touch. No manipulation for cracking, but through touch and this craniosacral approach the body find the way… Thanks!

– Matthieu Azul, Massage therapist




Currently in Thailand, Koh Phangan, offering hands-on sessions and women’s work (HolisticPelvicCare, doula support, postpartum ritual for mothers). Please contact me for details!

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