Aquatic rememberance

Our life began in water.

Expanded in zero gravity, within the fluids of our mothers womb, in the very center of an amplified micro oceans. The home where we were primarily realized, wished and prayed for or not: there we were, an accumulation of light and cells, stardust and fluids.

Even prior to our brain development, we related with our environment through cellular sensing, inner knowing, manifesting our own physiological and cosmical forms. We knew the sacredness of disorientation, first. Only much later we learned to contain and withhold our form. Swimming and dancing in fluids, sensing the growth of densified systems, we are as open and fluid as a fresh wound. Not yet ready to burden ourselves with the weight of the world. Not just yet. All we know in that moment is that we belong.

Nobody taught us how to do that.
Nobody showed us how to densify our tissues into bones, create channels for our central nervous system or differentiate between inside and outside.

We all knew from the beginning of our existence how to relate to our environment without having to solve all problems, change circumstances, remove triggering objects in the outside world.

Remembering these embedded memories helps us to welcome a deeper understanding of who we are and where we’re coming from.
I believe that relearning ourselves is the beginning of our own healing journey.
Remembering and forgiving the past.
Shedding the old and making space within and without.

Just like a pilgrimage to our inner temple, we offer our pain, our suffering as a gift to the Creator to take it within her arms and we leave it there to be recycled into new life.

Water holds our stories as crystalized information. And our task in this life is to raise the vibration of our inner waters to turn pain and suffering into light so that we can come back to our gifts and walk ourselves home with our purpose vision.

Essentially, our life is only as abundant as our health.

By taking care of our inner waters, we can much better understand not only who we are but also how we are in the day-to-day life.

How is your body, breath, alignment?
Where do you belong and what can you change inside to see better results outside?
Which way to move forward and what can you leave behind to feel more freedom?

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