Choose to change

Just like nature, our human system is also an ever-changing continuum that is designed to evolve through cycles, rhythms and movement.

As an Aquarius, change was always very essential for me. In my surrounding I was constantly looking for something new, unknown or even weird. In my projects and work the need for change was reflecting my flakiness and the fact that I got bored so easily with everything.

For me change meant aliveness. I was feeling the bubbles and tingling sensations of the vibrant newness at all times. When I was outside, tasting the sweetness of freedom, playing with my desires and impulsive actions, I was alive.

So little did I know, all of my desire for this constant change came from a deeply hidden mechanism that was driving me very far away from my center.


Even if we are all governed and guided by the aspects of nature – the elements, the tides, our senses, etc… – we already hold our own potential, source and solution within.


I was carrying a deep sorrow and dissatisfaction which I thought can be fed by the search for change, externally.

I was wrong.

All of these actions were just another excuse to not be with myself and look within:

“What can I clean up in here?
What can I let go of to make space for real and authentic change?
What am I not seeing and why?”

As I was in constant search in directions that always led me to the same place, I started to wonder what am I doing wrong? I see my blockages, I feel the places where I need to let go, I’m even doing “the work” but something doesn’t allow me to shift.
Later on it became clear that I was running in circles – even though I thought I was moving forward…

Today when I talk about change, I understand that it has to be a sustainable, health driven and focused process.

As a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist I practice observation and stillness through a wide angle lens of perception. I’m constantly learning to master the practice of becoming aware of my old patterns and either transform them or let them go in order to evolve. The essence of this therapy is so deeply palpable in every aspect of our lives that one doesn’t even have to narrow his/her growth down to when the session takes place because it elongates and expands into the entirety of his/her regular flow of life.


Being rooted in our awareness and seeing clearly without the veils, is the path towards change.


In fact, it is the essence of our healing path. We might take different roads and choose various techniques but the work happens when we become so acutely aware that no storm can harm the solid ground below our feet.

In this process we are facing our own problems, blockages, traumas and unhealthy patterns for the sake of creating a comfortable environment where our heart and mind can be at ease.
We also meet our persona (ego) and hold a very clear mirror which through it encounters all the unnecessary charges it was carrying all along.

What I mean by this is if we allow ourselves to grow and start to see our life with a clear vision and rooted self, we can remove the obstacles that are in the way of our transformation (just like our egoic self). The beauty of this process is the encounter with the state from which we no longer want to run away from. In this place, we are in peace – with ourselves, with our actions and daily habits. And this form of satisfaction is something else…


It is not a state which we achieve or arrive to but in fact it is what we truly are: the unbothered, harmonious and coherent state of pure love.


We are our own potential. Once you realize that you have a choice about your actions, reactions, patterns and basically everything that exists in your life, you will immediately see that change is just around the corner.

You are the seed that holds the potential to become a fruitful tree one day.

Choose to change one thing in your life, and like a ripple in the water, it will transmit new information to all areas of your life.


The 6 pillars to embody change:

The work starts the minute you open your eyes in the morning. Awareness is there, along with the the tools that I’m about to share with you to release your “corroded mechanisms” and see change changing your life into a miracle.

  1. Observe your actions very carefully: See them as they are without judgement and become aware of them. “How am I doing things? What’s the quality of my actions and reactions?” Just like looking at yourself in the mirror, get familiar with how you navigate through your day. See yourself through the eyes of a witness, as if you were watching a sunset – you are the sunset but you are also the one watching it.
  2. Realize your patterns: Just like uncovering old furniture (which I’ve only seen in movies but it sure looks very dramatic), with the clarity of your awareness you are capable of seeing patterns that you might have never noticed. In this process you are given the choice to let them go or just simply become aware of them and weigh their importance and relevance in your life. Ask yourself: “which patterns are governing my day? Where do I feel stiff and stagnant? What brings tension to me (body-mind) and why do I choose to keep holding onto them? What am I not ready to let go here?”
  3. Take a step towards change with effortless effort: Step by step, as you become aware of your actions and patterns, choose to let one thing go to make space for the great unknown. Does that scare you? The unknown is for sure a place with lot of potential and wisdom which can be frightening, or even fearful. The mind is the aspect of us that fears the unfamiliar, not us. Only our mind sees the unknown as an enemy, not us. Releasing unnecessary tension requires our effortlessness, otherwise the process in itself will cause even more struggle. Choose to change one thing in your day and see the outcome of it. Let’s take the example of your way of leaving in the morning to your job. Do you always take the same street at the same time with the same pace? Everything is so familiar that you might not even remember how it felt like to walk that road for the first time. In the beginning you were aware, curious and interested in the details and depths of your walk. Observe how your familiar walk just happens without having to think about it. Try to bring it to the next level, without effort and change something in your habitual route to gain back that spark. Along the way enjoy the journey. Look around, be open and receptive to the world around you.
  4. Don’t think too big: Micro habits are the way to go! It’s been said by many experts and teachers. Don’t rush, take it slow but with uttermost awareness. Micro habits are more likely to stay with us then the more complicated and radical changes we choose. You don’t have to clean the “whole house” at once. Choose the places that is the most used, familiar or just simply start with the doorstep.
  5. Keep track of your process and progress: Guide your journey and write down your experiences. It’s very important to see not only the good and the bad shifts in your process but also when instead of an impulsive outburst, there’s nothing but pure silence. No urge to shout back, leave with anger or any other habitual reaction you used to do. These are the moments when change is present. It is the unnoticed subtle shift when light can finally enter you and like “a rush of blood to the head”, releases that stagnation. Recognize these moments and write them down. If writing is not your thing, just be consistent in reminding yourself about your progress or ask a friend who you can check in with weekly.
  6. Breathe along the way: Our breath is like a magic wand that is always available for us. With directed breathing, we can release so much more than we think. Taking a few deep breaths through the mouth, in and out, can help to facilitate any process we are going through. Try this: the next time you feel the familiar sensation of any form of stress rising in you, close your eyes and feel where that pressure is present in your body (locate it very thoroughly). Then, imagine the inhale entering that space and like a big mother, holds onto the stress (if it helps, try to visualize the color, material or quality of the blockage) and with the exhale the air, along with the blockage or stress bubble, leaves and exits your body and system. You will see that it not only cleanses and removes the blockages but in exchange it leaves way more openness and new potential present in your body. The more you practice to recognize the moment you need to release something, the more often your breathing will start to flow by itself.


I invite you to take the next 3 weeks to practice these very easy steps. To cook the magic potion of harmony, balance and vitality, you have to know what the ingredients are, what their power is and in what proportion to use them.

The last few guidelines for the process:

  • If you want to master something, practice consistently
  • Don’t take it too seriously
  • Enjoy the journey
  • Be curious and patient

I hope you found some great tools in here that will help you to move towards a more balanced lifestyle. If you wish to deepen this work but you don’t feel like doing it alone, join my free self-growth program where you will find even more guidance, practices and space to grow.

If you’re looking for like-minded people in this field with whom you can share your experiences, struggles and/or progress with, I invite you to join our online community.