Confining Times are the Soil for Finding Support

I feel the call to get in touch with you because I’ve been receiving a lot of questions about this period we live in – mainly from people who are filled with fear, worries, anxiety and deep distrust. 

I asked myself what is common in all of these people – and their questions? 

Massive changes are surrounding us, yet we’re not quite sure how to deal with them.
The questions I’m about to share with you are not only here to raise significant and existential topics but more importantly to connect and really ascend our collective awareness. 

My intention here is to show you a way to transform the questions into your living experience. 

“I am in fear but who should I blame for it?”
“I am suffering, who’s responsible for it?”
“Who should be the one helping me climb out from this shit-hole?”
“How did I get here and what the heck should I do now?”

Rather than bursting them out with fear and creating even more inner turbulence – getting drawn into the movement of our ego -, move with it, contemplate and recognize what it is in you that needs to change in order to accept, forgive and surrender to nature’s way – listening to what your heart is calling you towards.

When such questions arise in you, you’ve got two options:

  1. Avoid to see your habitual way of always looking for a problem and continue to live in fear, stress and illness or
  2. See you situation as it is, recognize that there is need for change in order to accept and enjoy life in its beauty.

I went with the second option but honestly, it wasn’t clear at first. 

For years I was choosing the first answer and guess what, it felt completely miserable. Since then things have shifted:

  • I put effort into practices that helped me change my life
  • I called for external support – I still am receiving at least one session a month
  • I show my mind how not to search for problems and negative thought-loops 
  • See with clear vision and openness from a place of Love
  • I worked very-very hard on not giving up on my dream: a life full of beauty and love 

Slowly-slowly I started to see and most importantly, feel differently. I recognized that I wasn’t fully in the Here & Now – and in that very moment of realization, I arrived there. It was my attitude that changed towards myself and life itself. 

I allow myself to recognize again and again when I’m not present, as a way to guide myself back into the Seed of Self where I’m surrounded with awareness

A subtle shift that can help us see things from a slightly different angle – same-same but different, as they say it in Asia.

What if we recognized that suffering is out there in the world but we don’t need to be personally involved or get sucked into it?
What if we realized that the only person responsible for our actions is no one else but us?
What if I told you that from the other side of the coin – where suffering is only a concept that seems very-very far away – nature is calling you now, urging all of us to sit in silence and listen to the whispers of the wind, the soft flow of the streams and the joyful orchestra of crickets?
What if all that is bothering you in the world out there, can be healed within you without going a step further?


Can you feel your breathing softening
and your belly relaxing now?


We were never meant to go through this time alone!
We were never meant to deal with so much change without the support of community, therapists, healers and guidance!

It’s time that you look deeper within and ask yourself:


“Am I allowing myself to ask for the support that I need right now?”


As a Holistic Therapist I am here for you, reaching out and offering my services in these (for some) challenging times. Not only have I welcomed so many beautiful souls in the past few months for Remote Counseling and Release Sessions, but have also waived goodbye after our fruitful meetings.

What others said:


“Loren, you came to my life in the perfect time. Even though I was never really practicing any holistic views, your guidance gave me faith, strength and most importantly the shift in my vision which now helps me to look at life, situations, problems and my overall mental state with so much grace and wisdom. I sleep through the whole night and practice gratitude, daily – this is my biggest gift right now.” – Sarah J.


“Being in Loren’s field is in itself calming and reassuring. Her soft and gentle voice fills the void inside me and gives me so much support I can not thank her enough. She helped me see how I function and in what ways I can grow and heal.” – Claire


“…It’s not that she healed me. It’s almost like she didn’t do anything just helped me with the first steps to see my life from a different angle. My marriage is finally centered, I have time to take care of myself, balance work and personal life, exercise consistently and basically see life as an adventure. I feel joy and gratitude towards her remote sessions, highly recommend it, she’s magic!” – Josephine K.




If you are ready to look deeper within you and release fear, suffering or anxiety, I am here to listen. 

If you feel the call to let go of your unhealthy patterns, aches and pains and redefine your Well-being, I am here to support your way.

Let your current state sprout from physical, mental or emotional seeds, our Remote Holistic Sessions are nurturing the soil, the core of your being, without diagnosing or manipulating what is there. The one who brings change from within is YOU, I’m only here to help open up your eyes a little wider, and support the intelligence of your system to do the rest. It is THAT incredible. 

I believe that all our actions are born out of INSPIRATION, PASSION, CREATIVITY and CONFIDENCE. All we need to do is the first step – The Flow will take care of the rest.