Stop hurting yourself

Breathe into this: I choose to stop hurting myself!

Observe this: we all know that pain, one way or another, can be enjoyable. We cause pain to ourselves and others all the time. We all do, we are just not aware of it. 


“It is not what I am saying that is hurting you; it is that you have wounds that I touch by what I have said. You are hurting yourself.” 

— Miguel Ruiz


You have to realize that everything you see around you (on the street, on the tv, in the news, from your friends, etc…) is the reality that YOU CHOOSE TO SEE. No one forced you to see only the terrifying and hateful events in your life. 

Imagine that every living being is a mirror around you. They reflect the thing you choose to see in them, back onto you. 


  • The fights that you have with others is reflecting your own mental and emotional state – not theirs. 
  • How you are able to handle a rush of anxiety is your own mental and emotional health. 
  • You choose to go down the road and remind yourself over and over again how unworthy, hopeless, weak and heartbroken you are – not the world around you.


It is so simple to complain about the outside world, but please, take the chance that you create your own reality. Everything that you see / feel / think and do is your own exquisite, individual and exceptional experience – no one else’s.
Remind yourself about this. Over and over again. Even if you understand, contemplate on it. 

Even if we are aware of this, why do we keep hurting ourselves?

The root of our emotional and mental suffering is multilayered. The cause can be unhealed trauma, unhealthy patterns, negative self-talk, lack of self-love and many other things that we were “touched by” very deeply. They just simply stay with us. Constantly triggering and challenging us. 

The “joy” we find in these moments is actually the addiction we have towards our past and future. This pattern is like a prison we choose to live in.

We consider our minds as superheroes (which can be correct), but when they are creating toxic images, beliefs and ideas, it’s hard to look up to them.
We choose to experience the pain of the past, and the fear of our future. 

Keep it in mind that all of these events are no longer here with you – unless you choose them to be. 

Whenever an emotional wave takes you, choose to stay above the water and not get drowned. Whenever a thought pattern tells you anything other than what you are – love, light and potential – choose to let it go. Without exception.

To not hurt ourselves, we have to take care of ourselves.
To not hate ourselves, we have to choose love instead.
To be aware of this past/future collaboration all the time is quite hard, yet it is our only choice. Facing our “internal monsters” is the most satisfying process that you can choose to live without them. 

We see the cause of the events as suffering but actually it is life (the present moment) showing us the potential places where we can still grow.

Stop hurting yourself and others. Live in the present moment, free from the past and future. It is only the now where we can live well, soaked in joy and filled with love.