Renia P.

I would like to share that I’m really grateful for joining the Temple of Self. I’m currently on day 4, and each day I feel more at ease. Sometimes trying to do ‘meditation challange’ feels like hard work and commitment but that’s not the case here! I am waiting each day for the new perspective which the practice is bringining. I feel that your insight is very fresh and it lets me to follow with curiosity and peace. Looking forward to another day and I hope we would have possibility to go back to the materials as I would like to introduce it to my daily practice. Thank you! 


Francisca P.

Dear Loren i would first of all like to thank you for your generosity on providing this amazing present for our souls. I´ve completed a few days ago the 7 days and it has really been a pleasure that i feel i can come back to. I was also enjoying each day and open to your suggestions and the sweet and calm guidance of your voice.


André C.

Loren, thank you so much for putting up the Temple of Self practice. It was amazing from beginning to end, and I honestly wouldn’t know what to point out for improvements. I feel that the sequence of practices are really well knotted together, the written and spoken guidance clear and completing each other and the physical sequence from day 4 a must! I have actually been waking up and re-watching/re-taking it every morning until I know it by heart! haha

I have been practicing yoga for a few years already and felt that the Temple of Self is a great basis for deepening into meditation, which has always been a major difficulty to me. Specially the one from day 5, about breathing, so important, core of all practices, but still so hard to keep full attention. That practice lead me to beautiful places into myself.

Thank you once again for it all!


Sarah J.


Wow. To be honest I’m quite speechless. I came across your facebook post about launching your Present for the Soul offering, and was beaming with pride. I knew it would be powerful, but didn’t realize the extent that it would move me. First off- the frequency of your voice. holy shit. It emanates softness, authenticity and deep groundedness. Your essence transmits so fluidly and clearly through your sound. It felt like I was being held in a sonic womb surrounded by dolphins and whales- swimming into places in my awareness system that hadn’t been touched in lifetimes. But I think you could be curating a meditation about how to take out the trash and it would still penetrate to the depths of my being. This entire offering was so gorgeous. Thank you, Loren. The world needs this medicine and I’m honored to be witness to your flowering. 

all my love,