“The healing sessions with Loren came at the perfect time for me and were exactly what I needed. They were so beautiful, so tender, and helped me sink into myself and remember to breathe. The exercises resonated throughout the day and Lorens gentle explanations were informative and expanded my sense of universal dimensions, offering me a sense of calm and ease’

– Sophie Mars, dancer and dance movement therapist, Berlin

❊ ❊ ❊

I received two treatments, both of which were very intense. We watched my present state (pelvic inflammatory disease) and its cause at the same time. Afterwards, I felt my own mechanisms as well as my physical well-being. During the treatment I processed things, some kind of flow was restored in my body. Thank you and I can only recommend.

– Laura Szekeres, photographer, Hungary

❊ ❊ ❊

I am very grateful for meeting with Loren and for the session. I did not have such a relaxing yet. Soft conducting in the space of silence and presence and in this careful presence of the person who accompanies. During the whole session, I did not leave the feeling that with me a number of dolphins and whales, I must say that these living beings are for me a totem of wisdom and playfulness. Thank you !!! I highly recommend by passing sessions with Loren as it is sure that this is incredibly large talent Ability to listen and hear. And I wish you Loren and move it dancing with such a bigger gift of serving with her talent.

– Shakima Garunts, Ukraine

❊ ❊ ❊

Loren is a very kind, 100% attentive helper! I recommend to everyone!

– K Miri Mariann, Hungary

❊ ❊ ❊

It was so beautiful and healing experience..
Thank you for reminding me and my body through your gift and this technique about that natural peaceful happy and relaxing state where I feel love and gratitude and full of energy… But it was not something exciting..It was just present with full pure “real place” without any fears, pain, judgment..Just beauty and knowledge that everything is perfect..
Thank you for reminding us of that peaceful, present, loving and true harmony place.. You are Big Gift in this Earth.

– Leya Moryachka, Magic BALI Retreats 

❊ ❊ ❊

Being in Loren’s hands was a very special and positive experience, it is hard to explain but I can surely recommend.

– Rafael Amit, Israel

❊ ❊ ❊

I recently had a session with Loren and it was a totally new experience for me… Not only does Loren have an amazing grasp with craniosacral therapy skills, I felt like she possesses skills that go even deeper, through the power of her light touch it was like we travelled in an extremely safe space together where emotions were free to arise and be released, allowing freedom and release in my body. Loren also shared personal information about spirits present and starseed origins – that when followed up truly resonate! It was a truly unforgettable and profound experience and I would truly highly recommend her to anyone as her skills I’m sure can be used on any body type! She also follows up the session with great detail which I am very thankful for. Unforgettable. Thank You soo much Loren. Much love.

Callum Greville, UK