The Essence of Self-Care

Being alone is probably the most challenging self-care practice I’ve ever encountered. Whatever I choose to stay present with, will be my reality, weather I like it or not.

If it’s the multi-dimensional fields of fears, boundaries, limited beliefs and idea-systems, then so it is. Or the chattering, complaining and unsatisfied nature of the mind, then it is what I will see in full extension around me. Maybe I will be drawn to the chaotic waters and landscapes of the emotional galaxy… Trust me, they walk hand-in-hand, not making our lives easier. 

And what about the trauma that happened 10 years ago which I’m still so caught up in? I still have to cross that street, see that man, read that email over and over again, etc…
Of course there’s no chance I can ever move on and see life anew, in its original and authentic colors.

What we see in the world is the reflection of what we carry inside and vice versa.

Is it a load of unnecessary tension, kept from our past, carried with us in a huge bag, called body, or it is a harmonious palette of colorful possibilities and joy-filled, vibrant potential with lots of empty space? 

It is our choice!

If you want to take care of yourself, do it with awareness. Give yourself time and space where no distractions will be more important than the cleansing and purifying of your beloved blood-filled, heart-felt, mind-blowing, organically evolving and ever-growing nature.
The whole package! If you want to take care fo yourself, let go of your fixed ideas what is should or shouldn’t look like.

I kindly ask you to take a pause and really contemplate on this: there’s nothing more satisfying than a healthy mind-body-heart and spirit.

When we find equilibrium in all of this, nothing will ever be impossible. And of course it is a never-ending journey with less easier and more flowing moments but the fruit of our deeply imbedded seed of recognition will be ripe and sweet. 

This journey is worth everything and nothing at the same time. Everything because you will never want anything else from life and nothing, because in this space of sweet surrender there’s nothing but silence. The one that holds all the notes, shades and forms in itself. The one that cradles in the space between our breath and whispers the sounds of joy.
It is nothing because you will never remember it ever happened, it will be just a fraction of existence. You don’t hold it neither it holds you. You don’t miss it because it is you. All that is within is feeding from this nothingness.

If you ever find yourself in that place, you stop looking for anything else. No diamond or excursion will every make you that happy.


It is the most simple yet deeply forgotten truth. 

This is self-care for me.