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Healing was always an essential part of my life. My practice unfolded over the past decade by integrating several techniques and creating a method that now allows me to connect with people through distance.

It is very important to understand that in a remote session I am not sending or directing energy but rather generate an engaged witness inside of me towards the innate wisdom of the clients system. It is a very organic form of transmission through pure awareness.

In this connection the natural healing forces of one’s system awakens.


“Pure awareness is not confined by time or space. It is everywhere, all the time. It is only our limited conception, our “me,” that creates time and limits space.”

– Frank. J. Kinslow


The method

I use the principles and driving mechanism of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, which is the essence of my work. It is a very effective form of subtle, gentle and transformative holistic therapy that perceives our being as a whole. This therapy helps to encourage vitality and facilitate a sense of well-being in both the practitioners and the patients system (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual).

It is a very effective form of treatment for a wide range of “dis-ease”, that helps to create the optimal conditions for health.

Intuitive Akashic reading and healing arts, like Reiki, Prananadi, meditation and Yoga were the first seeds that taught me to believe and practice self-healing and they are also present in these private sessions. Intuitively combining the healing forces of these innate and profound methods with Quantum Entrainment, holistic coaching, awareness practices and embodiment methods, I facilitate the unfolding of the inner coherence of one’s system.

“The most beautiful experience! Loren has a true gift on many levels. She is a kind, bright human being with a sensitive and wonderful soul. Thanks Loren, you channel magic!”

– Astrid van Zon, Therapist, Teacher, Holistic Coach




How does the session unfold?

Before the session we create an initial connection through the phone. I ask about the clients’ current state/health/dis-ease and then move on to the remote healing. From the clients’ side, this takes place in a silent and peaceful environment where he/she will not be bothered.

The session happens offline, without skype or voice call.

This form of healing addresses the health, as an organizing structure, which is always present in us. While connecting to and encouraging different aspects of our physical-mental-emotional and spiritual continuum, we revitalize and generate the optimal flow of self-healing mechanisms in one’s system.

At the end of the sessions, I give a voice recorded feedback and propose exercises and/or tasks for the person to deepen the healing and bring it into his/her everyday life (this also helps to access and release unconscious patterns and encourages the client to become aware of the current state of their healing process).



Who is this therapy suitable for?

This subtle and gentle work facilitates the healing of the following:

  • circulation of the body
  • nervous system
  • immune function
  • hormonal balance
  • body-mind-emotions
  • energetic centres and lines (chakras, meridians)
  • digestion
  • past events/traumas
  • birth processes
  • psychological issues
  • physical body alignment
  • lifestyle changes / mindfulness practice / spiritual growth


Healing with Dolphins

I have a very deep and loving connection with Dolphins and Whales who never seize to inspire my work, life and perspective. Their message is simple: bring more people into the state of joy through playfulness. I had the fortunate opportunity to swam alongside with them in their natural habitat and learn their ways of healing, communicating, playing and caring for each other. Some of the “methods” they taught me, are holographic mapping, “tel-empathy”, and


“Dolphins vibrate love. Love is also the essence of our soul, and it manifests as our cellular matter”

—Joan Ocean


Having them “by my side” during the sessions accelerates the connection and the healing processes with the client. It is almost indescribable how potent their presence is, yet the subtleties are everlasting once we experience their rays of love. The vibration they create around the Earth brings great changes on many levels.

One who is not familiar with this experience might see great shifts and changes in his/her life after the sessions!


Dive in


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy



The method

This non-invasive form of treatment is essentially a being-to-being communication where the patient is safe to express any form of release.

Through the subtle palpation of my hands, the patient enters a deep state of quiet stillness where the story of the whole system can express itself. While the body is adjusting to this soft way of being seen, it is experiencing gentle softening, relaxing and releasing.

It is a wonderful moment unfolding breath by breath. Bones move, fluids flow, expansions and contractions happen, naturally, without confinement.

Through my experienced way of holding space, a safe and compassionate container is born and held for a living being to fully emerge and follow the natural priorities of healing to unfold, in its own pace.





Contact me about the Session

I can feel the effect of the session all day and during few days after. Really appreciate the presence and softness of Loren. My body cracked few times, readjust through the gentle touch. No manipulation for cracking, but through touch and this craniosacral approach the body find the way… Thanks!

– Matthieu Azul, Massage therapist


This form of healing is addressing the intelligence of our human system. The intelligence that is expressing itself through our bodies, is the smartest thing in the room, as William Sutherland, the father of Cranial Osteopathy stated. Biodynamics, in particular, has grown from the later work of Sutherland. Towards the end of his 40th years of studying and facilitating the subtle movements of the bones, tissues, and fluids of the body, Sutherland moved to California. Living near the ocean, he was influenced by its tides to recognize their similarity to what he was palpating in the body. He began to speak of “the Tide.” He advised his students to “Rely upon the Tide.” He wrote:

“Visualize a potency, an intelligent potency, that is more intelligent than your own human mentality. You will have observed its potency and also its Intelligence, spelled with a capital I. It is something you can depend upon to do the work for you. In other words, don’t try to drive the mechanism through any external force. Rely upon the Tide”


What brings people to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy?

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is an effective form of treatment that helps to create optimal conditions for health, encouraging vitality and facilitating a sense of well-being. To list a few:

  • Physical and psychological difficulties/problems
  • Chronic pain
  • Long-standing issues (physical or emotional)
  • Stress, anxiety, insomnia
  • Depression
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Hyper/hypoactive nervous system
  • Tension in the jaw and face
  • Difficult or traumatic births
  • Pregnancy
  • Recovery from illness or surgery
  • Digestive issues
  • Support in lifestyle difficulties and changes

Please be aware that the source of every condition is utterly individual as well as the way it is being addressed. Please get in touch with me to discuss your present state, symptoms and the possible treatment process.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and my healing work aren’t intended as primary healthcare but to work alongside the relationship you have with your doctor.


Who is this therapy suitable for?

This treatment is suitable for anyone from the in-uterus state through childhood, adulthood and elderly. Also, for pregnant mothers as well as new-born babies – in fact, it is highly advised to be supported during and after pregnancy as well as for babies who experienced a challenging birth, to resolve any remaining difficulty from the process.

“Loren’s treatment was a beautiful experience. Her energy is very relaxing, soft and caring. You can feel that she listens to your body and communicates with the body to make sure that the session fits exactly to your personal needs.”

– Loren Ramona, traveling artist


When I’m not travelling, I am based in Budapest, Hungary. Click on this link to follow my facebook page for location updates, or contact me directly.

As of the current situation (COVID-19), I am only offering Remote Sessions.
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